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Research, Training & Performance


*Musique du Temps  OÜ 

is the production company for

Andrew Lawrence-King: 

Opera, Orchestral & Ensemble director

Andrew Lawrence-King: Early Harps

New Baroque Operas & other compositions

by Andrew Lawrence-King

The Harp Consort

iL Corago


International Baroque Opera Studio


*Musique du Temps  is registered in Tallinn, Estonia. 

number 16252420

The name

Music of Time

is inspired by

Poussin's famous, beautiful & enigmatic painting

A dance to the music of time (c1635)

The painting's original title in French is

Danse à la musique du temps 

though it is best known today as 

La Danse de la vie humaine

Poussin's  rich symbolism links perfectly

to Andrew Lawrence-King's ideas about

  • Early Music & our modern-day world

  • Musical tempo & dance-rhythms

  • Historically Informed Performance

  • Research into Music & Time

  • The mysterious connection between heavenly music, the human spirit,        and earthly music-making.

On earth, a boy holds an hour-glass whilst Old Father Time plays an ancient lyre for the young dancers. In different interpretations, their circle-dance represents the Four Seasons, or Human Life.

Meanwhile, Apollo (patron of music) drives his Time-Chariot of the Sun through the heavens. He is preceded by Aurora, goddess of the dawn, and accompanied by the Hours.

The Statue looks back to the past, and forwards to the future. 


Our logo features a musical note, a semibreve, on four different staves, spelling out in historical notation the pitches BACH.


Inside the semibreve is a clock-face: Music 

of Time. 


Dance to the Music of Time detail Time h
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