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In the spirit of Peter & the Wolf &

The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra...

A new Baroque Chamber Opera

libretto & music by

Andrew Lawrence-King

The Play of MUSIC & TIME

An Explorer's Guide to Early Music

Andrew Lawrence-King

created this opera as 

Composer in Residence at the Arvo Pärt Centre (Estonia).

LISTEN HEREPassacagliafrom The Play of Music & Time

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Primum mobile.jpg
The Play of Music and Time.png
Play of Music & Time round dance.png

goes round in Circles...

until MUSIC
rescues TIME
out of Hell.

Cosmos geocentric 1549.jpg

In the ancient Philosophy of the Music of the Spheres

cosmic TIME, human LIFE and the sound of MUSIC are all connected. 

Music of the Spheres Frequency of Enlightenment.jpg

This New Baroque Chamber Opera presents a Story in Music

introducing new audiences of all ages

to the instruments of the Basso Continuo,


to the first operas,

to period mythology and imagery,


to the musical philosophy of Aristotle & Machaut,

to the poetical concepts of Dante & Shakespeare

and to the music of MonteverdiPurcell & Lully. 

In the beginning:

CERBERUS, the three-headed dog, guards the enchanted palace...

Prologue              THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES

Ballo:                       Primum Mobile            

Toccata:                 TIME goes backwards

Sinfonia:                CONTINUO directs the whole opera.

Act I                       CONCORD

Passacaglia:          MUSIC descends from Heaven.

Chacona:                LIFE on Earth

Act II                     DISSONANCE

Passamezzo:           Losing TIME

Folía                         TIME flies away. The WOLF growls.

Act III                     DARKNESS                

Romanesca:           Lament for lost TIME 

Xácara:                   A good TIME in Hell

Act IV                     IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME

A New Ground:      MUSIC offers hope

Round-O:                 LIFE goes round in circles, FIDO chases his tail

Aria                           Save TIME with HARMONY, and don't turn back!

Act V                       PARTY TIME

Chaconne:               TIME gives LIFE to MUSIC

Duration: 45 minutes

Orfeo title page detail Favola in Musica.png
Agazzari colourised.png
Shakespeare portrait.jfif
Palazzo Vecchio Florence.jpg

                                                                                                                    LA MUSICA - Music (Soprano)

                         IL TEMPO - Time (Bass)






VITA HUMANA - Life (Counter-Tenor)

CERBERO - The mythical three-headed dog...

                                                 WOLF                             HARMONY                                    FIDO

Fairytale Princess_edited.jpg
Play of Music & Time LIFE_edited.jpg
Play of Music & Time TIME.jpg
Cerbero Florence 1585.jpg
Afghan Melody.jpg

Featuring the instruments of the BASSO CONTINUO

Theorbo              ~  TIME               Wooden Organ ~ Heaven 
Baroque Harp   ~  MUSIC             Harpsichord     ~ Earth

Baroque Guitar ~  LIFE                 Regal                  ~ Hell


for three singers (Soprano, Counter-Tenor, Bass)

with Baroque Chamber Ensemble in 5 parts
(flexible scoring: e.g. 
violins, viols, recorders, sackbuts etc)

Missa Mexicana 3.jpg
Continuo Poster.png
Play of Music & Time - Peter & the Play.jpg

Work in Progress:
Peter & the Play


Comparative Analysis 

& Internal Connections:

Peter & the Wolf
The Play of Music & Time


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